Pot Break Complete

Pot Break Complete is the future of this game. It will work on Android and iOS mobile devices as well as PC and Mac.

Pot Break Complete Features:

  • Puzzle Game Mode
  • Marathon Game Mode
  • Time Trial Game Mode
  • Versus Game Mode
We have some great plans for Pot Break Complete and can’t wait to get it in your hands.
Help make the Complete Pot Break a reality!


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1000th High Score Posted!

Today is a grand day! We have had our 1000th posted high score in a little less than 1 and a half months. Great job everyone, keep going for that top spot!

In celebration I am announcing a new contest for Pot Break! If you beat the top score and get that coveted #1 spot, I will make you a customized belt buckle out of Zinc. Just send me any image and I will make it into a belt buckle.

Good luck everyone! And Thank you so much for playing Pot Break!!!

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